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Custom Dichroic images

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For our Themed Image Packs Click HERE

For custom ran images, you can select from our Image Library (BELOW), or submit your own artwork. 

There is a one-time conversion fee for custom art starting at $10 per image if you have artwork to provide.  

The smallest increment for ordering images is 16 A size at $32, or 11 B size at $45, or 8 C size at $64, or 6 D size at $82. 


The FULL sheet will yield 448 A size images (1/2") or 218 B size images or 112 C size images, or 66 D size images, you can pick up to 28 different images if all A size, or 18 different images if all B size, or  14 different images if all C size, or 11 different images if all D size. The FULL sheet costs $650.


The HALF sheet will yield 224 A size images (1/2") or 109 B size images or 56 C size images, or 33 D size images, you can pick up to 14 different images if all A size, or 9 different images if all B size, or  7 different images if all C size, or 5 different images if all D size.  The cost of the half sheet is $350


We can also mix sizes on the order, we will do the math and help you with the numbers of selections so we maximize the dichroic use.. 


Please email your graphic to :

Nearly any graphic file can be accepted, however, it is best if the artwork file is pure black / white and not color or gray.  The file size and dimensions of the graphic should be larger in size.

File formats that work well are:  .ai, .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .svg, .psd


Once your image is converted, (usually within 24 hours of receiving your graphic file) we will prepare a price estimate and digital proofing for you to approve.  Once you approve the proofing, the order will go into our upcoming image run.  We run batches of sheets each week, so there is typically a 1-2 week turnaround time.


Once you receive your digital proof for your pending order with,  please take the time and verify that each image will be created to your specifications.  On the sheet you will find the black represents the dichroic layer, with the white of the page representing the clear glass.  All orders will be created with each image oriented as it appears on the proof, as if the dichroic layer of glass was facing the observer directly.  We can mirror any image for applications requiring direct melting of dichroic layer against an artwork, as well as reverse the dichroic and clear layers (negative vs positive images).  


Please reply with any requests for alterations, questions, or comments.  Upon your approval of the proof, your order will proceed to the next phase of production.

Wholesale pricing and Bulk Orders


We offer discounts on multiple image sheets.  Please contact us to inquire about wholesale accounts.  

The bulk discount rates are available to any customer, the discount is based on the quantity purchased.

1-3 sheets = $650 per sheet

4-9 sheets = $585 per sheet

10+ sheets = $450 per sheet

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